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It’s time to uncover the life wisdom and enable everyone to learn what really matters so we all can have better ives and make this world a better place.

Beat the odds


“Doctors told me I was terminally ill and that I had just three months left to live. I was scared that my life was ending and i was angry that medical professionals were concluding what my future would be. I felt that my life should be in my control.

From the moment of diagnosis. I was determined to beat the odds and survive. I wasn’t ready to die. It was hard to be strong and to go against what everyone else was telling me but I knew that I had to be tough enough to go against the grain to save my life.

To keep living, I made a deal with myself every single day about why that day would not be a good day to die. For example, if a friend or relative was getting married or due to give birth, I couldn’t die on them days as it would ruin the event for those I cared about.

21 years have now passed since I was given three months to live. I am proud that I had the courage and determination to fight the prognosis. I beat the odds and survived. This has shown me that if there is something you want badly enough in life then you can find a way to achieve it. It is important to never stop believing in yourself even if others don’t.”

It was hard to be strong and to go against what everyone else was telling me but I knew that I had to be tough enough to go against the grain to save my life.

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Pawel Nazaruk is an author, entrepreneur, a traveler, and a dreamer! Author of a Bestselling book. He committed his life to unite the Dreamers in order to bring big, bold changes to the world and create lasting change for future generations.

“Pawel is a delightful man who made a sea of change in his life simply by listening to the advice of a stranger. The quality of his listening is unique and emphatic, and his 5 Pieces of Advice project is his way to give back to the world. You’ll enjoy the advice you find here, and who knows you may hear something that can change your life, too.”

Karla McLaren

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“Pawel is amazing. His spirit and positive attitude influences everyone around. He thinks big and really wants to help people have a more happy and meaningful life.”

Mateusz Chlodnicki

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“Pawel has created an amazing tool to help individuals find their authentic voice. He is a compassionate and spiritual man who is helping people worldwide to rediscover the winner in you!”

Gary Quinn

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